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The Essence of Travelling

As a 26 year-old Filipina (I updated this post, I posted this 3 years ago when I was 23), I am not that well-travelled yet. I have only visited seven (7) countries so far, aside from the Philippines, and I have not seen much and have not observed much yet of what is out there. To name a few, I have been a tourist to Malaysia, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Austria and France. Out of these seven, I have explored a few cities in each country such as Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Port DIckson and Melaka in Malaysia, etc.. However, I have to be proud of myself and I am happy of the little achievements that I have. With the few travels that I have had, I already have learned a lot from them. I was able to compare the culture and the way of life of people in each place and have gained some understanding that each one of us in this world is different and wish to be understood and accepted.

No matter how varied people are, I have observed that all have the same aspirations. Among these are to have better life, more finances to support life and leisure, a good heart in nature and aspirations to be happy. When I was in Malaysia, I have seen how busy people in Kuala Lumpur were. They were earning and working much. When I tried to see the more remote cities and province like Port Dickson and Melaka, the way of life is different. The same is true in the Philippines and in Italy.

If I am to be asked if travelling has changed my life, the answer is yes. I hope this year I can go to another country or two to have my observation and to give me more understanding of the underlying culture that makes up the place. Culture is very important to make a country progressive or not. Before, I travel like a blind, never that observant and it was something I considered a loss. But now that I discovered a place to put all them, which is here and in another site where I make reviews, I find it more interesting to go around, pay more attention and be keen to details. I am happy to share what I have learned. To explore and to learn.

To end it, what is the essence of travelling for me? For me, it's to learn and to experience new things as well. To enjoy all these, a person travelling should have an open mind as it is normal to have entirely different practices and way of life in another part of the world. Only with open mind that people can learn and not be judgmental and be able to accept or at least respect others as they are. How about you? What do you say? I'd love to hear from you...