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Rotterdam Friday Afternoon Stroll with Jessica

After working hours, we took the train from The Hague to see Rotterdam. Well, Jessica's new to this country so we looked around for some unique stuff and just to see the city before she goes back to Italy. We werelucky as it was not rainy and we evengot a good amountof sun with us in an after-five Netherlands.
Rotterdam ( /ˈrɒtərdæm/; Dutch [ˌrɔtərˈdɑm] ( listen)) is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and the largest port in the world. Starting as a dam on the Rotte river, Rotterdam has grown into a major international commercial centre. Its strategic location at the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta on the North Sea and at the heart of a massive rail, road, air and inland waterway distribution system extending throughout Europe means that Rotterdam is often called the Gateway to Europe. -wikipedia
Typical Dutch view, tons of bikes...
We liked this statue....
...so we tried to imitate his positio/posture.
Jessica liked this tree....
and wanted to have a phot where the tree's a background...
Here comes the naughty Santa...
This place is a lovely garden...
We reached the port...
with the cruiseshio behind...
Obviously it was not the ideal pair of shoes for the day... but i was from work!
more port photos
and more together
trying to ignore the aching feet...

Old Dutch sailing ship...

Saint Bonifacius Church Van Vredenburchweg Oud Rijswijk

This church I see once or twice on a daily basis but I never saw it as beautiful as this time (photographed time, 15 Oct 2010) when the last raysof the sun strike it just before they set in the horizon. It's around 18:30 or 6:30PM when the photo'r taken. We were doing our "health walk" or afternoon walk when I caught the beauty and decided to store this moment forever. I was lucky I had my camera with me!

From the part of the description below, as stated in one of the DUtch websites with information about the church, it indicates that this church was built in 1889/1897 with a neo-Gothic style by the architecht Nicolaas Molenaar. The characteristic work of architect Molenaar is heavily influenced by French Gothiv.

St. Bonifatiuskerk, behorend bij het kerkcomplex met pastorie, gebouwd in 1889/1897 naar ontwerp van Nicolaas Molenaar (1850-1930), leerling van P.J.H. Cuypers, in neogotische stijl. De kerk is op een min of meer noord-zuidas georiënteerd. Karakteristiek werk van genoemde architect, onder invloed van de vroege (Franse) gotiek.
Ingaande 1 mei 2003 worden vijf parochies samengevoegd tot één parochie. Het gaat om de parochies van Gerardus Majella en van Jeroen in Den Haag en de parochies van Benedictus, van Bernadette en van Bonifacius in Rijswijk. De nieuwe parochie gaat Bonifaciusparochie heten. In augustus 2004 is de RK Benedictuskerk (1958, J. de Jong) gesloopt. 't Is nog niet bekend wat er met de vrijgekomen plaats gaat gebeuren.

In de absis van de RK H. Bonifatiuskerk zijn zaterdag 7 juni 2008 nieuwe gebrandschilderde ramen gezegend. De ramen zijn gemaakt door glazenier Diego Semprum Nicolas, de vijfde telg uit het beroemde glazeniersgeslacht Nicolai. De ramen verbinden het Oude en het Nieuwe Testament.

Amsterdam Sex Musem Weekend Visit

Last week we were in Amsterdam and after a couple of visits to some "serious" museums, we treated ourselves to the Sex Museum. Aside from the cheapest entrance fee, the theme was not so serious/heavy and that we could still allow some room for enjoyment!

Looking at the museum at this modern age is not that interesting I think that how it was a decade ago and earlier. Everything is online these days but of course, there are so much to learn also from the museum. Like there were those antique "peeping boxes" (I don't really know how they're called) where there are black and white photos of women... maybe in underwear... and pyjamas????!!!

See below possible items that one may see in the Sex Museum of Amsterdam. It's fun to see, it's educational too and it's only for Eur 4,00. ENjoy and have fun!

The entrance/facade

Scheveningen Beach Souvenir Shop

Enter this place to find the shop
A couple of weekends back, while strolling along the shoreline of Scheveningen, we happened to pass by thissouvenir shop. I was amazed by its completeness and variety. The prices are also very reasonable and recommendable to tourists and locals alike. I am sharing here with you what typical Netherlands or Dutch souvenirs you may see and buy in the Netherlands.

I dream to buy that boat... maybe a bit bigger... it's just lovely!

Sea collections: shells, dead corals, etc...

T-shirts with funky designs and scripts...

Calendars and big cards,posters, etc.

Bags, naturally...

A message in a bottle....

that can surely reach its destination for Eur 0,92 stamps

Enjoying Scheveningen in The Hague, Netherlands

It's not warm but the Scheveningen beach may offer other fun. We visited last week and there were a lot of kites, as usual, and the breeze was not warm but to inhale the breeze sometimes help the health and the change in the type of air breathes. I also posted something about this place some years ago, and a changes are on their way, there are so renovations going on. All the same, the shoreline is still usable without problem, one can enjoy and also the cafeterias and restaurants are there to everyone's rescue. Below are some of the fun moments collection..

Wellness Experience at Hévízi Tófürdő, the Thermal Lake in Heviz Hungary

While having the free time in this small city of Heviz, one cannot have anything more fun that eating and relaxing. Obviously, I gained 2000 grams for that stay that I luckily have shaken off by now. I took one of the Wellness Packages offered by the place and it was a package that include body peeling, body massage and jacuzzi bath. It lasted for about 2 hours.

It was a relaxing experience, I fell asleep after the rose-oil application and wrap after the peeling but it was okay.

It was also funny as I lost my list of schedule and other parts of the package. Thus, I went to the doorway afetr the first part of the package. Lucky enough, the reception guy told me I had to continue and my masseur was already waiting. I am thankful.

It was a relaxing experience, only that I could hear the cars' noise at the peeling room. The staff also do not speak Englisha and their German is also very limited. :=( It was difficult to comprehend what they're saying. The reception however is very good in English and in German. He's also very patient with the customers and offers his best service.

Kocsi Csárda Restaurant-Pizzeria Review, Heviz Hungary

As previously posted, we had a great value meal at Kocsi Csárda Restaurant-Pizzeria despite it was a bit salty the first time. We gave the restaurant another try and it was for a dinner. We were pretty satisfied so we went again for a third try. In fact, it became our favorite restaurant in that place, Heviz Hungary. In fact, I quote below what the place claims:
The comfortable rooms and outdoor terraces can accommodate 320 people. The guests are always greeted with a new and varied menu combined with traditional Hungarian specialties. In our offers you will find game, fish and vegetarian dishes in a wide variety, also Italian pizza dishes from Naples, and also mouth watering desserts. The best Hungarian wines are available from our wine list, and live music is performed daily from 17.00.
This meal contains various steaks. It was just too much!
We vowed to return to the place and Kocsi Csárda seems too big and too successful of a restaurant to vanish before our return. I think Kocsi Csárda can easily seat 320 diners and will not have problem. It has so many staff, maybe around 25 waiters everytime we dine over there.

This is a mix of grilled veges. I ate half as the portion was just too much. I ordered half-portion but the waiter
did not understand me.
I am glad we gave a second chance to this place. The food is comparably more expensive than small-scale local places but the variety, the quality and the taste plus the quantity will actually make thep lace in the long run the best buy. Please also don't forget that if you stay at the Prestige Hotel, you have a 10% discount. This amount always save us for the tip. That's the good side!

The first meal I tried that's a bit salty but still yummy
The only setback? The waiters hardly speak German and worse English. Thus, when I ordered the half-portion (as portions could not be finished by a normal human), I got the whole portion. Kocsi Csárda offers possibility to order half portion or 50% at the price of 70%. It's not a bad thing, this is much better than wasting food. 
Various fried fishes...it was so yummylicious! Especially the super fresh, super yummy salmon!! 
Despite all these setbacks, still for us, Kocsi Csárda Restaurant-Pizzeria? Definitely recommended!