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Explore Internationally: Camaraderie, Food Trip, Dance Galore and More

Knowing a person or a country is not simply through getting there "literally". Last Friday I was a witness to this fact. It was like I knew more Poland just by staying in a house more than walking in physically in some streets in Poland. That Friday started with a good afternoon and ended into a wonderful satisfying night of little gathering. Everyone was satisfied and this Monday, everyone tried to ask of the photos! Guess what? We were all busy dancing the Peruvian dances that none of us remembered taking more/good photos! Only one photo has people and and I am not in that photo.

little gathering preparation
One of the photos while everyone was busy preparing their own "national food" contribution or mixing the drinks.... Click the image to see more of the photos...

The food that everyone shared were all interesting and tasty and the good thing was, we all shared even to the last portion by taking home exchanged extra food. I brought home some Peruvian and Bulgarian delights plus the tiramisu that the host prepared.

The opinions we shared as expatriated and as females in this country was invaluable. The dance was amazing! After that great success, we plan to set another little gathering again, in yet another location.

To know something, to experience something, one does not need to be physically there--- a lesson learned.

Cycling to Millingen Tea Garden or Theetuin

Last Sunday was a real blast! Cycling for an hour to reach our destination under the Dutch rain was a real adventure. The good thing is, the weather was not so cold yet, thus, we were able to survive the activity without getting sick the next day nor even getting muscle pains. I am not aware of the real address of the theetuin or the tea garden where we visited, thus, I cannot pin-point at this very moment where it was or how many kilometers it took us to reach there. It was an effort though using my small-wheeled city bike.

Just click the images to see more of the photos in my photo sites.

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