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Crazy Dutch? Or Passionate Dutch? But It Was Filled with Fun!

Was it crazy or what? I was there witnessing the icy plunge of thousand of Dutch individuals during the new year's day. Many spectators were there as well as participants. It was cold, naturally and who can think thousands of people can get naked and even dip in that icy cold water? Only to think of it I already shiver, plus the fact that I have witnessed it... brrrrrrrr...

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This was my first shot as we were all approaching the shore few minutes before the plunge started... then I discovered that I dont have memory card in it. Darn!

What else can I say? The night before the event, I fully recharged my camera battery but the sad portion? When I was starting out to take images, it became full in the memory after one image taken. Why? the memory card was in my laptop at home! Holy crap! That means I have taken two photos and nothing more. All the same, I share them here with you, plus, I saw a yahoo short write up about the event.

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This was my second shot and I am so happy I got this far... Just see how cold it is from the outfit of everyone and from the dark skies and see the image below that they really stripped it of... brrr... brrrr..

I actually never believed this until I saw with my own eyes. There were just too many people participating. In fact, one of my colleagues at work did this before and she swore to death she'd never do it again! Hahahah.. Well, maybe people do learn lessons, right?

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As yahoo put it or AFP.. I searched for the event and here it goes.. I cut them and shared them here.. Click it and you'll be in the actual page where I took it.

HAPPY 2009!