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Kocsi Csárda Restaurant-Pizzeria Review, Heviz Hungary

As previously posted, we had a great value meal at Kocsi Csárda Restaurant-Pizzeria despite it was a bit salty the first time. We gave the restaurant another try and it was for a dinner. We were pretty satisfied so we went again for a third try. In fact, it became our favorite restaurant in that place, Heviz Hungary. In fact, I quote below what the place claims:
The comfortable rooms and outdoor terraces can accommodate 320 people. The guests are always greeted with a new and varied menu combined with traditional Hungarian specialties. In our offers you will find game, fish and vegetarian dishes in a wide variety, also Italian pizza dishes from Naples, and also mouth watering desserts. The best Hungarian wines are available from our wine list, and live music is performed daily from 17.00.
This meal contains various steaks. It was just too much!
We vowed to return to the place and Kocsi Csárda seems too big and too successful of a restaurant to vanish before our return. I think Kocsi Csárda can easily seat 320 diners and will not have problem. It has so many staff, maybe around 25 waiters everytime we dine over there.

This is a mix of grilled veges. I ate half as the portion was just too much. I ordered half-portion but the waiter
did not understand me.
I am glad we gave a second chance to this place. The food is comparably more expensive than small-scale local places but the variety, the quality and the taste plus the quantity will actually make thep lace in the long run the best buy. Please also don't forget that if you stay at the Prestige Hotel, you have a 10% discount. This amount always save us for the tip. That's the good side!

The first meal I tried that's a bit salty but still yummy
The only setback? The waiters hardly speak German and worse English. Thus, when I ordered the half-portion (as portions could not be finished by a normal human), I got the whole portion. Kocsi Csárda offers possibility to order half portion or 50% at the price of 70%. It's not a bad thing, this is much better than wasting food. 
Various fried fishes...it was so yummylicious! Especially the super fresh, super yummy salmon!! 
Despite all these setbacks, still for us, Kocsi Csárda Restaurant-Pizzeria? Definitely recommended!

Colors of Nature in Heviz Hungary

flowers hungary heviz
Lovely colors of nature, not always perfect but still lovely. We have a very good time with the thermal lake and the correct mix of weather (not so hot but not cold either). It' not windy too. This place is for wellness and nature enjoyment more than cultural or monumental ones. This not like Paris or Rome but it's so relaxing and very close to nature.

Ice Cream and Coffee Time at Heviz

In a place like Heviz, there are a few things to do. It’s not like Paris or Rome where there are endless museums and monuments to see. It’s more of a health and wellness place than anything g else. Actually, most people we see around d are just relaxing or having some “medical-tourism” purpose at the place. Us, after having rested after lunch, and having digested a bit of the so much food we ate at lunch.

In the afternoon (or early evening but the sun was still shining), we went to have an espresso for Amo and Ice cream and just relax and watch before us how life and time pass by in this city of health, relaxation and wellness. It felt great to just sit back and relax and not worry you get back home without seeing this museum or without being able to see this or that attraction.

Kocsi Csárda Lunch Experience (Heviz Hungary)

The sun was scorching at noon when we were looking for aplace to have our lunch. The hotel (link to previous post) where we are stayinghas given us an offer that if we eat in their partner/recommended restaurant inthe center, we will get 10% discount. It’s our first day in this city/place sowe tried to go to this place. It’s called Kocsi Csarda. It’s situated in thecity center, a few hundred meters away from the hotel.

I am not a big eater so I always take a “pass” forappetizers. I had my main dish and a bottled of sparkling water. Amo on theother hand has a weakness with preserved/conserved meat so he took a portion ofmixed conserved meats. Before ordering, we asked how big/small are the portionsand we were advised that they are just enough for a person. It’s not true, asAmo did not finish his appetizer and he did not have any space t all tocontinue for another dish. I could not ask for dessert either as I was so fullof what I ordered. It was however apeasant meal, w were both contented with the taste.. And though the portionsare too much, we are not actually complaining.

If you are not really an eater but would like to taste everything, half portions are allowed at 70% of the full portion.

The dish I ordered: "Fűszeres csirkemell chili mártással" (braised chicken) with "Piritott burgonya" (fried potatoes
in pan
The taste of the above dish was yummy but a little bit salty. But maybe it's normal, I notice that generally, the dishes here are saltier than normal. Presentation? Hmmm...it's warm, yes but eating in the pan? Does not seem so smart... and the presentation does not seem that good. It was very saucy but the sauce is salty (in fact saltier). The portion is so much for women who watch out their weight.

The Interior of the place, no one's there as the sun was so lovely to miss... It was a very nice weather.

Analising the Hungarian menu...>=) Later we were given the English one...

The unending appetiser.... Too much in volume too...
The service was quite slow but maybe because it was peak hours. The waiters speak German but not English. Though I could manage a bit, I am not that ready to converse in German yet, especially 80% of the customers are either Germans or Austrians...

Prestige Haz Heviz Deluxe Room Review

Related to my previous post about Prestige Haz Hotel Review, here is a closer look at the deluxe apartment that we took. We booked for 9 nights and I hope everything will be all right. At first glance, it was okay, although as we entered, the disinfectant smell was so strong, maybe because the management/owner of the hotel wants to maintain the perfectness of cleanliness which I think they do achieve at 99.5%. Why? The smell could have been better and they can achieve the 100% if the guests would not guess that so much disinfectant is in place. But that0s it, so far so good, the space the arrangement and everything, no much complaints except that we were expecting at least the bidet.

Prestige Hotel Review in Heviz Hungary, August 2011

As I write this article, it's the second night of at least a week stay in this hotel-appartment lodging, the Prestige Haz in Heviz, Hungary. So far so good. Naturally, there are the good stuff and the bad stuff during the stay. This is a personal and unbiased review, just as a guest, and I would like to share my experience to those who plan to rent this place as well.

The good stuff and included in the service:
1. We were picked up from the airport without additional fee (for a few hundred kilometers)
2. The buffet is included
3. We have the hotel employees drive us to some appointments
4. The price is very reasonable and the place is clean and well-maintained.
5. Quiet(er) as it is not in the "centrum" itself, it's a few hundred meters away.
6. Free Internet (wifi access) with very good speed. ( just finished uploading the photos of the day, around a hundred photos to my online personal album without problem).

The not-so good stuff but we can deal with it without big deal:
1. The reception is closed after 21:00
2. No elevator as there are only 3 storeys
3. Breakfast starts only at 8 and ends at 10 (shorter duration)
4. I smell some egg (raw egg smell) from the glasses (they might have forgotten to use the dishwashing liquid or detergent) ... hopefully this will improve from the second morning further...
The dining hall where the tables are numbered per room, your place is secure.
The hall/small lobby at the reception
View from the deluxe apartment terrace