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Prestige Haz Heviz Deluxe Room Review

Related to my previous post about Prestige Haz Hotel Review, here is a closer look at the deluxe apartment that we took. We booked for 9 nights and I hope everything will be all right. At first glance, it was okay, although as we entered, the disinfectant smell was so strong, maybe because the management/owner of the hotel wants to maintain the perfectness of cleanliness which I think they do achieve at 99.5%. Why? The smell could have been better and they can achieve the 100% if the guests would not guess that so much disinfectant is in place. But that0s it, so far so good, the space the arrangement and everything, no much complaints except that we were expecting at least the bidet.


Regina said...

Lol)..your probably going (great, no lice and bed bugs- while being reminded of that strong disinfectant)..maybe they had trouble? Anyway, wishing you a wonderful day of adventures~

Joyful said...

It looks nice and clean and modern which I like. Perhaps you can inform the management while you are there (not when you leave) that they should spray some deodorizing spray and open the windows when cleaning.

Filipina Ini said...

The smell actually went away by itself after sometime. I think because this room's not rented for quite sometime..:=)