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Windy Dutch Autumn and Culture Mix and Comparison

wind tegen, biking against windBeing flat and low, Netherlands always get its fair share of wind... and this time of the year, it is really windy. Yes, I can compare and see a big difference how windy it can get here.It is much wilder and stronger compared to wind in Italy or in Asia in a normal day at this timeof the year. I especially noticed it because I have been having hard time pedalling my bicycle since yesterday. The good thing is, I live just around 2 kilometers away from work. The distance is very manageable. I am very grateful for this fact. I also have the feeling that the wind is "always" against me although I am very sure that this isNOT true. The thing is, I only feel its emphasis when it is blowing against as it is not helping me at all. It can bedangerouswhen it is pushing me though as it forcedmeone time to cross a red light!

bikes in Netherlands
We do love biking here in Netherlands! Healthy and thrifty!

The good thing of seeing places is that it widens one's perspective. In the Philippines, if a lady ismarried and seen biking, that would be ridiculous! Here in Netherlands, everyone bikes. When I tell everyone, that includes individuals, both males and females up to the age of 90 or as long as one is alive and can still cycle. Amazing culture and mentality! I really salute this attitude.

Back to the topicof autumn, goodwarm days are almost at its finish so getting ready for the colder season now. Last year was really a heavy winter. I hope this one willbe better.

To make the season at least funtolive, I share with you the following autumn-themed stop-motion picture. Enjoy watching.