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Prestige Hotel Review in Heviz Hungary, August 2011

As I write this article, it's the second night of at least a week stay in this hotel-appartment lodging, the Prestige Haz in Heviz, Hungary. So far so good. Naturally, there are the good stuff and the bad stuff during the stay. This is a personal and unbiased review, just as a guest, and I would like to share my experience to those who plan to rent this place as well.

The good stuff and included in the service:
1. We were picked up from the airport without additional fee (for a few hundred kilometers)
2. The buffet is included
3. We have the hotel employees drive us to some appointments
4. The price is very reasonable and the place is clean and well-maintained.
5. Quiet(er) as it is not in the "centrum" itself, it's a few hundred meters away.
6. Free Internet (wifi access) with very good speed. ( just finished uploading the photos of the day, around a hundred photos to my online personal album without problem).

The not-so good stuff but we can deal with it without big deal:
1. The reception is closed after 21:00
2. No elevator as there are only 3 storeys
3. Breakfast starts only at 8 and ends at 10 (shorter duration)
4. I smell some egg (raw egg smell) from the glasses (they might have forgotten to use the dishwashing liquid or detergent) ... hopefully this will improve from the second morning further...
The dining hall where the tables are numbered per room, your place is secure.
The hall/small lobby at the reception
View from the deluxe apartment terrace

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