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Are You in a Country or an Expat to Country with More Paid Vacation/Holidays/Leave?

Are you in a country that is not harsh to the working class? Or are you an expat to one? I am actually in one where public holidays are not much. It seems nothing but for people who earn monthky salaries, this is a big thing! Paid holidays and recognized national/bank holidays allow resting period for workers. This in turn, promotes high morale, effectivity and efficiency. I am in the Netherlands now, and it is one of the bottom countries in terms of paid holidays and public/national/bank holidays. I could not find other countries but maybe they're not covered in this study/finding.

Which country are you in? Below is a table adopted from what has CNN published and also based on Mercer's study. The Netherlands has only 28 days while colleagues from Vienna has 38. That's 10 more working days, 2 weeks in general. It indeed makes a big difference. WHich country are you in? Do you wish sometimes you're in another country instead?

Below, I have a screen shot of what's stated in the source, Mercer's Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines. I heard that peple in Japan work alot but they have more holidays too... fair enough, maybe?


Filip Demuinck said...

The Netherlands looks a bit low according to me.


Filipina Ini said...

Indeed, it's kind of at the bottom

William said...

Malaysia has 15 public holidays, not counting state holidays.

HappySurfer said...

I think Malaysia is ranked among the top for number of public holidays. We have between 17 or 18 in a year nationwide which of course makes the workforce very happy.