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Paris Horrible to Pedestrians: Be Careful Tourists

When we were in Paris, one of the things I was shocked was the way motorists were behaving. They do not respect pedestrian lanes and traffic lights. There were so many occasions when it was already the pedestrians' turn to cross the street but trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc. were still speeding up! It was horrible! Once, the old lady still had to wave so many times to have eye-to-eye contact with the drivers to be allowed to cross the street! The streets were scary! I mean, aside from looking at the traffic lights and pedestrian lanes, pedestrians should really open their eyes, especially that roads in Paris are really wide and so are the crossings!

I don't know if anyone else has the same experience but we stayed in the 16th arrondisement, that's where our hotel was, and to reach the center, we had to commute. We also walked alot around the nearby arrondisment for attractions so I cannot really pinpoint which part(s) of the city we had crossing the street troubles.

Just to double check my experience, I googled and I guess what? The first results to my query were pedestrian accidents lawyers advertisements! If there is this big ads on this type of living or job, then I know, they can live with it... as there are many cases about pedestrian accidents!

But why is that? Paris is one of the leading tourist destinations if not the number one, but why this danger? No raffic cameras to fine those irresponsible drivers? Be careful tourists when you're in Paris, always be sure when crossing the street, despite the presence of traffic lights and pedestrian lanes!
Just in general, be careful, Paris or anywhere!


lina said...

I think most Asians would be totally fine with the traffic chaos in Paris! LOL

Filipina Ini said...

@Lina, that is actually true... if I just came from the Philippines, I think there would not be aproblem with me at all. But after 4 years of following the rules (hahahah...) it's difficult to break the custom anymore.

lina said...

Tell me about it. After just two weeks in Japan, following rules and drivers abiding to law and giving way to pedestrians,it's hard to come back to the lawlessness of traffic back in Malaysia! LOL

William said...

I was in Paris for 3 days, did not notice much about the traffic. Hehe.

Filipina Ini said...


I walked a lot there for like a week exploring, strolling etc... maybe you were always taking a taxi? :=)