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Ice Cream and Coffee Time at Heviz

In a place like Heviz, there are a few things to do. It’s not like Paris or Rome where there are endless museums and monuments to see. It’s more of a health and wellness place than anything g else. Actually, most people we see around d are just relaxing or having some “medical-tourism” purpose at the place. Us, after having rested after lunch, and having digested a bit of the so much food we ate at lunch.

In the afternoon (or early evening but the sun was still shining), we went to have an espresso for Amo and Ice cream and just relax and watch before us how life and time pass by in this city of health, relaxation and wellness. It felt great to just sit back and relax and not worry you get back home without seeing this museum or without being able to see this or that attraction.

1 comment:

Regina said...

These are great photos..you- taking in all the action! I see exactly what you mean..though I've probably been in the woods too long! The deserts look yummy (especially the angle of the first).