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Amsterdam Sex Musem Weekend Visit

Last week we were in Amsterdam and after a couple of visits to some "serious" museums, we treated ourselves to the Sex Museum. Aside from the cheapest entrance fee, the theme was not so serious/heavy and that we could still allow some room for enjoyment!

Looking at the museum at this modern age is not that interesting I think that how it was a decade ago and earlier. Everything is online these days but of course, there are so much to learn also from the museum. Like there were those antique "peeping boxes" (I don't really know how they're called) where there are black and white photos of women... maybe in underwear... and pyjamas????!!!

See below possible items that one may see in the Sex Museum of Amsterdam. It's fun to see, it's educational too and it's only for Eur 4,00. ENjoy and have fun!

The entrance/facade


lina said...


There is a similar museum in Japan - in Beppu. :)

WebbieLady said...

Interesting to know about that one in Japan. That must be more unique!

Jana said...

when I first read your blog entry title, I thought: what a tourist-thing...but indeed your pictures show that the topic is looked at also from the funny and/or art perspective:-)

...what we dont do for pleasing people visiting us:-))right?! I still have to laugh when I think of the first time I had entered a coffee shop in Amsterdam and asked a bit afraid for some "space cookies", a very good friend of mine viisting me wanted to try them...

Filip Demuinck said...

mmm, special article. Make sure your blog isn't marked for adult material.


Filipina Ini said...

That's so true! But actually what we heard around were gigglings of teenage girls visiting from the US or the UK...:=(

No malice at all, this is a museum after all.

lina said...

I haven't been to the museum in Beppu yet. Inappropriate to go there with a little boy. Maybe next time! ^^

WebbieLady said...

That would indeed be inappropriate to take a non-18ers inside this kind of place.