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Wellness Experience at Hévízi Tófürdő, the Thermal Lake in Heviz Hungary

While having the free time in this small city of Heviz, one cannot have anything more fun that eating and relaxing. Obviously, I gained 2000 grams for that stay that I luckily have shaken off by now. I took one of the Wellness Packages offered by the place and it was a package that include body peeling, body massage and jacuzzi bath. It lasted for about 2 hours.

It was a relaxing experience, I fell asleep after the rose-oil application and wrap after the peeling but it was okay.

It was also funny as I lost my list of schedule and other parts of the package. Thus, I went to the doorway afetr the first part of the package. Lucky enough, the reception guy told me I had to continue and my masseur was already waiting. I am thankful.

It was a relaxing experience, only that I could hear the cars' noise at the peeling room. The staff also do not speak Englisha and their German is also very limited. :=( It was difficult to comprehend what they're saying. The reception however is very good in English and in German. He's also very patient with the customers and offers his best service.


Regina said...

Hi there, well I'm finally back on line..seems after a few obstacles? My computer should be set (had to reformat it).
Anyway, this looks so fabulous my dear!! The video clip was neat too..the water so inviting! I'm glad you got your wonderful massage, treated with the best service and your feeling much better I imagine!

Jana said...

so glad u got yourself spoiled and enjoyedthe spa...a woman should never stopspoiling herself/her skin/her hair...it does pay off:-))xxx