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Why (Almost) Everybody Loves Italy?

I lived in Italy. I speak the language. I have a residence permit there and I can enter the country anytime. I am NOT in any way Italian. I am Filipina and I do live in the Netherlands as I have also a residence permit here. I can live and work and perform my profession freely in any of these countries counting the Philippines as well.

antiques, italy, italian stuffs, italian, italian antique, trullo, trulli, trullo house
Now see that trullo (the term for that kind of house) dating back as 1600-1700 and as big as that used to live at least 15 people. I was inside it and it was so little.. The story behind these trulli (plural of trullo) is actually much more interesting... To see the real size, click the image and click the original image from the source link

The other month, I had to settle in this new country after leaving Italy. I had to duplicate keys of the apartment's doors and from the duplication center, I was asked where I came from. I told, "I came directly from Italy." And the reply? "Oh Italy! Much money in Italy! I bet you have much money! My friend here is Finochio (gay) hahaha... " And the center personnel started muttering anything Italian they know: ciao, buongiorno, spaghetti, etc. That was amusing!

Everytime I engage in a conversation mentioning the country, people just get too engage about it. One more scenario happened the other day. I was in the bank trying to make a deposit and the greetings was in Dutch. "Goeden Dag, Mevrouw".. "Good morning Ms/Mrs" is the meaning and I answered "Ik spreek geen Netherlands" which means I do not speak any Dutch. And the teller told, French? Oh my! I am PURELY ASIAN! I wanted to laugh. "I speak English or if you like, Italiano".. And the next thing I heard was a story about that person's ski vacation in Italy plus a song themed for Italian summer! Interesting!

italia sun, sun rise, italy, italian stuffs, italian, italian view,
That was the sun rise from where I lived in Italy. See how the sun rises and its reflection... The same photo was taken from my room's terrace. To see the real size, click the image and click the original image from the source link

I have been wondering why everyone loves that country. Even in blogs, fellow bloggers seem to be more outspoken if it is an Italian vacation. As for me, I have some reasons why I like the country but not that enthusiastic as how others look at it and not on a similar or at least parralles basis as how most people see the country. Is it because Italy is within my reach? That I can live there whenever I want? I still have to discover that within myself.

In short list, one of the best thing I like about the country is not found in its shallow portion of its very popular spots...like Venice (Venezia) or Florence (Firenze) the Duomo or the Scala or piazza this and piazza that that are known to many around the world. I do love the mystery of the country. I have been to buildings that are there even before the Philippines was discovered...and I can almost step on at least one of them on a daily basis! Can you imagine that?
  • I never even know I was roaming around where Santa Claus is burried!
  • Where most of his treasures are hidden! I did not even have any idea I was staring to the preserved body of a saint! That was cool, right?
  • When you are in aroom barely 4 sq. meters big but the things inside is priceless or at least billions of Euros?
  • I was not even aware that I was standing in a place that slaves were used to be tied and sold and punished and stuffs!
  • But I was aware when I was looking at the preserved Roman road... that was tough and strongly founded.
italia sun, sun rise, italy, italian stuffs, italian, italian view,
The sea and olive and fruit plantation view from my balcony in Italy.. Hope to be back there next month though it is too bad since the weather is much colder by then... To see the real size, click the image and click the original image from the source link

For me, the fashion, the food and the overall ambiance of the country is noting compared to the beauty that many cannot see. Darn! That was where history was born. This happened here and that happened there and that what makes me happy when I go to the place. And Italy? Oh, I miss that country but what country I do love? It is still the Philippines.. where I can wear my backless top all year round! Now please tell me if I am too boring for my age of 23.


Michelle said...

I haven't been to Italy so I don't know if I like the place or not. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to go to different places that people dream and wish to go. You got a very good fighting spirit. I don't think I can do what you did at your age now. :)

Bob Johnson said...

Awesome Sunrise!

chubskulit said...

Love the photos! My dream is to travel around the world but I dunno if its going to happen lol..But seriously, I would love to go to Italy someday.. if given a chance... SANA!

added this one on my list sisterette..

misty said...

Boring???? Nah! How can you be? You're blessed to have a chance of travelling around the world. imagine you can live and work in three different countries? That's amazing!

G@ttoGiallo, the Instigator said...

A friend of mine has bought a trullo !

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

I have heard a lot about Italy too, but never been there.

So are you suggesting you like Italy because of the roman history associated with it?

What do you mean buildings before Philippines was discovered? You mean no one lived in Philippines till recently?

Lynn said...

You're not at all boring. Trust me! (",)

Italy is one place that i dream of visiting someday. I just love the structures and that sunset is simply beautiful. You take pics like a pro huh? Well, when will i be able to visit that place?...Sigh! LOL

juliana said...

no, you're not at all boring. I share the same thoughts too. I started traveling as soon as I got my degree and never stopped since and I'm glad my husband loves to travel too, so there's no conflict. My passion for travel and seeing the world is so intense, I vow to keep going till arthritis and gout hits me LOL. There's one place I will always go back to no matter what, and that is the Philippines.

Italy is nice with all its richness in history and all, but if given the chance to go back again, I will not go back to where I've been. Instead, I'd like to see the Amalfi coast, Naples, Sicily or Portofino.

NovaS said...

from the view you showed here.. i bet Italy is one of a romantic place to go during honeymoon...

as for your comment: that was funny, everyone has different experiences into things... you have your feelings that way, and so i have mine in different ways.. happy monday