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Online Shopping Stores in Netherlands with so Much Ease in Purchasing and Delivery

One of the best things I enjoy living in the Netherlands is the wide possibility of purchasing something  coupled with a wide range of payment options. Only in the grocery stores (where basic consumption products are sold) credit cards are not allowed but I think this is something positive to make the consumers aware of the fact that "borrowing money costs money". And using credit card has interest! As for shopping, almost anywahere one can just swipe their "PIN" (debit card) and the transaction is concluded. The PINs or debit cards must have always free balance in it to be used,or for some cases, allowance allowed by some banks if you apply for it (say, you can go Eur 500 below zero balance).

I don't have a car and I also don't have a good deal of patience to go shopping (literally). I like relaxing at home and just to press the keyboards. Thus, online shops suit me very well. I have purchased so much online and have them delivered at home without problems. I like Netherlands in this way. Yes, I do pay for delivery and handling costs sometimes but it's so worth the time and effort. Of course, it's not only the stores who are efficient but also their partner courrier service and at the same time, the flexible banks and payment options they offer, especially here in the Netherlands, I almost always pay with IDEAL, which is the online connection to my PIN or debit card (current bank account).

Below is the summary of some of the online shops I frequent and my reaction towards them:

1. Eetvis.nl
Eetvis.nl is an online store for fish buyers. I only transacted with this store once andspent only about Eur 130 (free shipping aboveEur 65) but I am very satisfied. The fish are cleaned, the products fresh and they deliver the day after! I recommend this site for fish buyers. You can always call them too regarding your order and they assist you without problem. Patment method is through IDEAL.

2. Groupon.nl
Although groupon is a soaring marketing giant all over the world, it still is in my list. I have done at least a dozen purchases from groupon for either gifts or stuff for personal use. Great discounts and great way to discover nearby shops in the vicinity. So far I think I have spent a total of around Eur 300 with groupon and that means around Eur 300 of discounts too! Deliverey method? No need! Youprint your own voucher or receipt and that's your proof of purchase. Payment method? Paypal or IDEAL or Mastercard all apply.

3. Hema.nl
My experience with Hema was not very good. They also promise quick delivery but that time, they got delayed for a few days. Thus, the item we ordered missed its purpose and was not anymore that useful when we got it. It was a one-time experience for an order of about Eur 40 and with a delivery cost of about Eur 5. Still, I will buy from Hema.nl if I need to. Payment method was with IDEAL.

4. Kijkshop.nl
My favorite I shall say. Maybe with Kijkshop I have purchased at least a couple of thousand euros. Kijkshop never fails me. They have the next-day delivery rule and they always arrive on the day I expect them. This online store (but they are also in the neighborhood) is also packed with great deals of discount. Another good thing about Kijkshop is the possibility to track your order with a single click. They provide you the tracking code via email when they inform you that the products has been sent out. The payment method I always use here is with IDEAL. Highly reccommended. From tme to time, they have gratis delivery for at least Eur 15 of purchase! So cool! Viva Kijkshop!

5. Neck.nl
Neckermann, a German based company but also in the Netherlands (I know only of the online version) offers a wide range of products. I bought something in dicount here last time and the delivery is quite long but they only charge you upon delivery so it was okay as well. I purchased something for the household worth Eur 300 and I had to pay the delivery (with 1st floor, inside the unit delivery) and handling for extra Eur 30. I was happy with my purchase and I also commend this online store, especially for those who don't have personal mode of transport for heavy items. I paid with IDEAL for this.

6. Otto.nl
Otto is a competitor to neck.nl. They have similar style of marketing and similar product lines. All the same, a good alternative. I bought from Otto something heavy to and it costs in all at least Eur 400. The delivery took time as well and same rules as in nck. They don't charge until they delivery. On the delivery day, they contact to inform you. I paid via IDEAL.

7. Plutosport.nl
Plutosport is Netherlands based although I just saw it's also available in Italy as plutospot.it. I purchased my inline skates from here and they have also the day-after delivery. It arrived on time and they offer tonsof discounts as well. Total purchase was around Eur 70 and they have free delivery from Eur 65 purchase all over the Netherlands. Sports items? Affordable and very good brands, plutosport.nl is recommended by yours truly. I paid IDEAL here.
Scapino stores and also scapino.nl always offer exciting surprises. Of course, stores' surprises are almost always in the form of dscounts. I always check the shoes section of scapino for great deals and online, they also have they same stuff. I purcased around Eur 250 worthof goods at scapino at 50% discount last time. It was also free delivery and they arrived when I expected them. As usual, IDEAL was how I paid. IDEAL reigns in the Netherlands!

So far so good with myonline shopping experience in the Netherlands. Outside the country, we also purchase stuff in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States. UK and US are almost always with Amazon or ebay and so far no tragic experience. It's exciting when Ishop online,the joy of awaiting my purchase is really there... theescitementand stuff. Viva online shoppers!

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