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Is There a Beer in Heaven? It is Hard to Find in Malaysia!

When I was in Malaysia for at least two weeks, I have observed that there was a difficulty in finding a restaurant with a complete set of drinks like liquors and wines. The same is so with beer.

Beers and other vices products are very relatively expensive with other goods, especially when compared with food. It is because Malaysia is an Islamic country and even their promotional brochures tells that the general Muslim public do not drink liquors or wines or beers. Cigarettes are also relatively expensive.

A good piece of advice to those who lan to visit Malaysia is to ask first at restaurants if they have beers or liquors. Generally, only Chinese restaurants have these drinks. Islamic and Hindu restaurants do not have.


Anino said...

Try Erdinger draft beer. Simply the best!

pak lah said...

i can live without beer and ciggy ;)