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The Open Air Museum of Piazza Bilotti Nella Citta di Cosenza

Cosenza City is situated in the province of Cosenza too and it is in the Calabria, a south Italian region. I have been to this city at least five times both for official and social functions... and that includes malling! The city is not very big and it is very quiet as per my observation, or maybe this is my impression because the last time I have been there, it was raining and not so much people were on the streets.

Within the city, in the area stretching from the pedestrianized streets of Corso Mazzini until the Piazza Bilotti in the city of Cosenza, there is an open air museum called the MAB or Museo All'aperto Bilotti. This area hosts a wide range or modern day sculptures ready to be viewed and enjoyed by anyone passing by, be it a tourist or a local Italian. I have learned that these sculptures were donated by Carlo Bilotti, an American-Italian art collector. No wonder why the piazza) is named after him. Among the sculptures are Saint George and the Dragon by Salvador Dalì, Hector and Andromaca by Giorgio de Chirico, "the Bronzes" by Sacha Sosno, The Bather by Emilio Greco, The Cardinal by Giacomo Manzù and various marble sculptures by Pietro Consagra.

It was raining (as I have mentioned earlier) and pranzo (lunch) time when I passed by the place and was not able to take photos of all the sculptures. I only happened to take that of Salvador Dali. The next time I go to this place, I'll make sure that my digi cam is loaded and I won't hesitate to take photos. I share some by now but expect to have more in the future. Just try to see the buildings and castle in the hill... it just amaze me so much.

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I am coolingstar9, I enjoying reading this post. I admire you that you always go for tour. It is really good to know many places around the world. The place your mentioned is so serene and interesting.
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