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Malaysia, Truly Asia: A Travel Review Series (page 3)

Turn to Series I ! Turn to Series II & III Series IV. Cleanliness and Sanitation -- In my eyes, Malaysia was cleaner. Why? Because I came from the Philippines! But when I happened to spend some time here in Europe, I have realized it's not that clean after all. I have seen a big rat as big as a cat crossing the street down Jalan Pudu one rainy day. And just a few blocks from Pudu Raya bus station, there was a pile of stinking garbage let out in the open beside the street. When it comes to rivers, I have seen one near Jalan India and it was the same brown river I have seen in the Philippines. In short, not very clean. One thing I appreciate though: the rest rooms. Even though there was a RM0.20 fee to use the restroom, the restrooms have abundant supply of water and handwash inside those toilets. There is also at least one maintenance person inside each ceratin resroom who mops and cleans it. Ohhh.. and if you don't have any tissue/toilet paper with you, it's another RM0.20 or 0.30 for you to shell out.

Series V. The Tropics and the Petroleum Beaches -- Was it bad luck? Or was it a spell? I cannot think of any better explanation why the only beaches we were able to visit and the beaches that were supposed to be enjoying at in Malaysia are all having oil refineries in the vicinity. First, at the Straightview Lodge in Melaka that if we go at the shore, the Petronas refinery smiled and said hello to us! Another is in Port Dickson where the supposed to be white/cream colored sand that the Sunshine beach has, has oil residues in it making the sand instead grayish.

Bronze silky skin is your dream? I find it perfect to take it from Malaysian sun. I find the sun rays in the place perfect for those who want to get tanned. Yes, because my partner has still his forehead brown after six months! You can say it's incredible but I agree with you... the sun burned his forehead! What I mean is, if you plan to get tanned, it is best in Malaysia but with proper uniform exposure to the body. Don't let it burn only your nose or your forehead. This usually happens even without direct sun contact if one is outdoors and the temperature is high.

I too have my own fair share of having sun burns and tanned left body side. The right side remained fair when we walked our way to Port Dickson center and the sun was shining on the left side. I got my left shoulder burned and my left face and my left outer leg was also more brown than the other side.
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EddieGarcia said...

Even though this post doesn't sound as appealing as the others, I truly appreciate your honesty about your travels and what you experienced. I still believe we would enjoy a trip to this wonderful country. It would be nice if you could be our tour guide. lol I know you wouldn't mind at all. I'm not of a beach person unless I have my grandson with me, but show me the mountains and I'm ready to go. Thanks again for the wonderful post and for visiting my blog and leaving your wonderful comment.

Friends 4 Life!

Ratty said...

We get to see a little bit of the bad side. Every place has a good and a bad side. I'm sure there are plenty of good places in Malaysia and the Philippines. I've seen the same in Europe and America too.