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Worth Seeing Areas of Nijmegen in Gelderland

Location is Nijmegen, Gelderland Netherlands 2009 It was one weekend and the weather was not perfect but I have to say, it was NOT bad either. My friends/colleagues and I decided (a few weeks back) to explore the city. Yes, the city of Nijmegen may not that big as The Hague or Amsterdam but I was really surpeised that this city is equally worth seeing and it was a whole lot of fun. Thanks to our expert guide, Helma, who's a local blood but all the same, she researched on what we'd gonna see.Certainly the photos posted here are from that weekend (maybe 4 weeks ago) and I can say that the weather now has changed... to a much lower temperature, in short, colder!

nijmegen attractions and the valkofGoing back to that weekend we have had a great time. I can only share the photos of what we say, I think the photos alone indicate that the place, small as it may be, can digest the viewers' eyes as well.And historically? Well, there's the old castle, some parts/section already broken/demolished or missing but it is a lovely feeling toimagine what might have transpired in there centuries back.

The Kronen park and the watch tower..andmany other stuff... even the blackswan, YES, those black swans! It was my first time to see them! I will also post the here in bigger sizes so that everyone can see.

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