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Philippine Airports Security Checks Are Only for Fashion!

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The following article I previously posted at a travel review site but that was 2 years ago! I would like to share it also with you, my dear readers.

A. Checking for what? - Upon entrance to the airport, there are security checks. At a meter's distance, there is the luggage scanner/x-ray (or whatever they call it) check. After checking -in at the booth and proceeding to to pay for the airport terminal fee, there is a security guard check. After clearing with the customs/immigration officers, there is a scanning device and even belts and shoes are required to be taken off. When entering at the departure waiting area, there is a check. At the departure waiting area, the personnel of Emirates opened our hand-carried luggage. We have these all! No less, but may be more.

ninoy aquino philippine airport security checks check inB. At Dubai, We Were Reprimanded

Arriving at Dubai Airport, we only had one check for the hand-carried/cabin luggage for our connecting flight but we had to take out an electric socket inside our hand-carried luggage because at a single check in Dubai airport, it was seen. But what was the point of checking many times in the Philippines and without telling us anything? We were not aware that what we were carrying was supposed to be in the checked-in luggage and not allowed to be hand-carried. Now I can really conclude that the checking for security purposes (as they claim it) in the Philippine air ports are mere a show, not for a reason. What a shame and real waste of resources!

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