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Winning Ryan Air Charity Scratch Card Lottery During My Christmas Holiday Return Flight

What's one good thing that goes great with traveling? For me, it was winning! Yes, everytime we go on-board one of the most affordable (if not the most) airlines in Euurope, Ryanair, we purchase this raffle ticket and crossour fingers. And know what? I won! Yes, not the Eur 40.000,00 but the Christmas Hamper. I bought this ticket on the 26th of December during my flight from Italy (Bari) to Germany (Frankfurt Hahn). Why I posted thiswinningso late? Because the prize was delivered only today!

Irish CHristmasHamper
Surprise, surperise! What's inside!?!?

Irish Christmas Hamper wonfromRyanair Charity Scratch tickets
Food and beautifully wrapped suprises!

What I won was a "Christmas Hamper". I had to do the following to be able to receive my Ryanair winning scratch-card prize:

1. Visit http://www.bfm.eu.com to see what I needed to do
2. Send my winning ticket to Dublin through registered mail (28 December 2009) costing Eur 7++
3. Receiving the Irish Chhristmas Hamper in my front door (22 January 2010)

So what's inside the hamper? I am lucky as I know the chest/hamper itself isworth more than Eur 7++!

irish christmas hampert
Opening the first wrapped goodie! A chick calculator with a small pen inside thebox-calcu...

winning prize from ryan airt

The contents aremostly food products but we also got some small give aways beautifully wrapped in those paper wrappers you see in the 2ndand 3rd photos up. Coolhuh!

So what do you think about my winnings? Well, the thing is, whenever we win, we feel excited and happy, not only of what we won but the thought that we are "lucky" already makes us glad! Lovely feeling, isn't it?

Bottled goodies: pure honey,marmalade and some preserved rosemarino with garlic.... strange but I will tellafter I try..

The Christmas pudding with some written jokes...

Solet's cheers with this winning! Why I dobuy these tickets everytime? As the ryanair personnel promotes them for Charity and Eur 2 per ticket dosnot hurt! I won and this even hurtslesser!Right? Cool huh!


Liz said...

May natira pa ba sa truffles? Pahingi naman. :)

Anya said...

Gefeliciteerd met je prijs
het ziet er allemaal geweldig uit

Groetjes (@^.^@)