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Saint-Jacques Tower Nearby Place du Châtelet

Where is 4th arrondissement situated?
Tall and slender and it turns heads! La Tour Saint-Jacques of the Saint-Jacques Tower is an interesting monment that we came along while we were on foot to see the "Hotel de Ville". Surely, it did catch my attention. Curious as I am, I naturally took photos but it was a thin structure yet tall and it was very tricky to capture it all. I thought it was the "Place du Châtelet" but I later learned that it was actually the "Tour Saint-Jacques" of the "Saint Jacques Tower". What's Interesting? The structure and the way it invites the passers or the interested to view it.

The first image below, I tried my best to capture the whole edifice but with its height and the traffic, I could no perfect it. See a better one below (not mine)...
The best I could do with my photo camera...:)
Saint-Jacques Tower or locally called theTour Saint-Jacques” is a monument located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, in France. This slender structure measures 52 metres in height (171 ft). According to Wikipedia, it is a “Flamboyant Gothic tower” the not much remains of the former 16th century Church of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Boucherie or "Saint James of the butchery" in English which was leveled abruptly after the French Revolution.
Lovely angle, this photo I found from Google images for Tour Saint-Jacques... It also captured
the nearby Parisian "normal" buildings.... those soooo expensive apartments...
The Pinnacle sculpture of the Structure... Lovely design/art/architecture/sculpture, right?

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