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Vienna Experience Architecture, Transportation, Delicacies

Vienna...vienna! I was there for 2 days for work/business reasons, not as a tourist. However, if one is in a place, no one can actually close that person' eyes, nor kill that person's tastebuds, nor make that person deaf, right? Thus, despite the fact that my main purpose there was to work, in the morning, from my hotel to the office, I took the public transport and I tried to act and to live like a local! The hotel where I stayed is actually very near to the office, around 1900 meters but I like to seethe city how a normal Wiener (i dunno if this is the right term) sees it. Thus, instead of walking, I actually took 3 trams to arrive to my work! I liked it. It was simple for the tram line 1 and tram line D. The third tram, line 71, it did not announce the stops so I went over with one stop more. No hurt feelings, it was just a short walk back.

Vienna architecture...simply amazing. They look so solid and unique....lovely too...but just looking so magnificently strong!

Some things to note in Vienna:
A sample of vintage/antique
Vienna porcelain work
a. The architecture: see the video above I was able to find at youtube... indeed those are very attractive, solid, old interesting architectures, aren't they?

b. Vienna porcelain: I was told by a colleague that "white gold", the Vienna porcelain are some awe. Since all the shops were closed, all I could see were window displays. Despite this limitation, I was amazed by the artwork for those porcelain wares. Prices, sizes and design vary but there are very decorative and look very attractive.
Mozart Kugeln: layers of happiness

c. Delicacies: I was only able to take home Mozart Kugeln but it was not a disappointment. What can I say? Yummy! I know there are more there but this sweet layered chocolate and other sweet (fattening eh) ingredients just couldn't disappoint you if you are a lover of sweets.

d. Der Fiaker (the Fiaker): This horse n coach is a real attraction and experience in the city. I was really amazed seeing a horse drawing a coach mixed with cars in the street! I was not able to take one or ride one in Vienna (had already lots of experience for this, not in Vienna though) but it looked so cool and looks like a cool experience to do in that lovely city.

e. A lot mooooorrre! Below are very few photos with colleague(s) at lunch and photo from the centrum. I wish to go back to Vienna and really explore it.

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Jana said...

lovely entry+nice shots....sunny smiles and happy easter!