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What'r Your Travel Plans? What's Your Idea of Vacation?

... Let’s admit it, if we all have the resources such as time, money and knowledge, all of use would be going here and there and everywhere, right? It seems that all of us were a born nomad and we all do love travelling. Don’t you? I have been contemplating about travelling and I know that fulfilling my dreams would surely cost me something. As mentioned, time and money. That would mean I have to save up some chunks of my earnings for travel purposes. Although my employer automatically saves for me 8% of my gross salary for my vacation purposes, it’s sad to think that the government actually taxes this amount at 50% as it is considered as “extra earnings/income”. Anyway, my consolation is to think that “50% is at least better than nothing at all!”. I am not well travelled yet. A few countries in Asia and Europe is not enough. My dream is actually to set foot on at least one of the countries of each of the seven continents that we have in this planet. That would be fun I believe… at least one in my plan. Naturally that would be great to be able to set foot and travel and explore or observe the customs, the people, the way of life in more than one of those countries but at the minimum, one would be all right. What do you think?

I don't like the idea of vacation though that was presented in the film starred by Leonardo diCaprio and entitled "The Beach". I mean, vacation is great as it changes your environment: one sees a new place, a new culture, new faces, new setup and everything very different from the daily life. If one gets stuck in a place full of beautiful surroundings and booze, I think it's only the booze that's gonna inspire that person or make that person think that he or she lives in a perfect place. The reality is, you will be tired of it soon...very soon if you are normal!

How about you? What are your plans in terms of travelling? I’d love to know.


Ratty said...

I have never traveled much so I would love to start with seeing my country. There are a lot of things to see here in the US. After that, if I have the time, I might want to see more.

insurance said...

Yeah, I agree with you but don't forget to get travel insurance to protect you.

sant said...

nice information............... keep it up so other people......... also start traveling

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

you are right we all love to travel. Traveling for me is visiting new places, doing new things, eating new foods and trying out local stuff that you wont get to do anywhere else.

So how many continents have you covered so far?