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Enjoying Cebu and Bohol

Blank area.. VI. Taking the Ship to Our Beach of Choice -We had to be aboard the ship because there were no fast crafts available in the area. The trip was supposed to last for only an hour but it was three hours for us. It was really boring since we feel very tired to do anything and we were hungry as well. I remembered sleeping and waking up three times in that trip to our port of destination. The ship was really slow and there was nothing to do inside of it. There were few of us aboard. It was the most impatient part of my day for the travel. The bad thing is, we have had no any better choice but to take that ship! 

VII. The Island Near Cebu -- It was a small island where we docked and we had to get down the slow ship that we have boarded. The only good news is that the small van was already at the exist of the small port waiting for us. At least we had a little consolation for the bad trip that we had. The resort that we were to go was only five minutes from the port by car or jeepney. When we arrived, food in the table was waiting for us. It was supposed to be our lunch but we arrived so late so we had to eat it cold. It was cold and it was not very good with taste too. 

VIII. The Good Beach Things-- After eating, we settled to our respective cottages. The name of the resort that we were in was Cota Beach. It was quiet and not very commercialized, thus very relaxing. There were few more cottages occupied aside from what we have rented. There are various diners at the beach's in-house restaurant although as I have mentioned. The food must be from the beach managment because it is not easy to find food around since we are in the small island where malls and grocery stores are not that abundant. It's a white sand beach and the more the sun shines, the whiter the sand becomes. We played much games in the sand like volleyball, various relays and we have also made a bonfire during the night where we grilled some dried squids, hotdogs and "danggit" to munch while we watch and listen to the waves with the light of our little fire. It was a great experience. 

IX. Snorkeling in the Nearby Seas -- The next morning, which was Friday, we prepared early for our snorkeling in the clear waters of the sea surroundling the island. We hired a boat and rented snorkeling fascilities. It was only seventy five pesos or 1.25 euros to rent. We were two boats in total and there were eighteen of us. We travelled for around an hour before locating the snorkeling point in the area. We also had our breakfast in the boat. It was a sunny side up with fried rice, danggit and tapa. Very tasty and satisfying. The fishes are really beautiful and the corals are moving smoothly along with the direction of the wave at the bottom of the sea. It was a fantastic experience. 

X. Island Hopping Near Cebu Islands -- After snorkeling and after making sure that everyone had the breakfast, we decided to go to some nearby islands near the area to see what it offers. We went to a certain island full of dead corals making the place look white. The dead corals make the sand white after a long process and a long period of time. In the island however, the corals were not yet pulverized and hurts the feet when stepped upon. The place was also inhabited by villagers and was not very clean to enjoy its waters. In fact some garbage were floating at the shore's water. The villagers were friendly though. When we asked for a bathroom, they readily offered theirs for us and it was without fee. 


Cebu Philippines Expat said...

The central Philippines around Cebu and Bohol offer some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world!

Ratty said...

It must be a fun place to visit. Even when things weren't so good, the local people are good. That makes a great place.

Cinnamon said...

There are many beautiful islands in the Philippines and the villagers should be encouraged to keep it that way by keeping the places clean and free of garbage. Perhaps the government or the villagers can designate a garbage can and someone to clean up. They can impose fines on litterer as well.

In my Journey said...

it was an excellent shade in the water
i never thought it was that beautiful in there
drop by in my blogs sometimes at Cebu Attractions