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Thousands Kites Display: Reminds Me of a Friend

Kites! Kites are great! Just before I left the Hague, from the region of Zuid Holland in Netherlands (Some photos from the Hague may be viewed The Hague 1 and The Hague 2 ) and transfer to Nijmegen, which is in Gelderland region, I was able to view the stadhouse display near my previous apartment. Every month there is a display of some arts and concepts in the city hall or the stadhouse and they always get my attention. This time it is a set of kites with various colors. See the two photos I was able to steal when I was there.

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Try to scroll up and down the mouse/page while looking at these kites and the same with the other image down, you will be amazed! I just discovered.

In fact the presence of these kites here, my friend from previous job advised me to view this, especially because it's just very near the place where I used to stay. He is a passionate fan of kites, playing them since he was a child in Surinam and until now that he is 60 years old in Netherlands.

His story and expertise for and the love of kites is really admirable. Once I told him to sell them online but he told it is not very simple because of tax reasons and the fact that web stuff is not so simple for him with his age.

I am so inspired with his story that I want to post a story of his love for kites here in this composition haven and I will be linking the story in this post. I hope I can do it soon. I miss my friend, he is still in the Hague now. I wish he is all right with good health and enjoying the visits of his grandchildren from another city.

kites kites in display, many kites, thousand kites, art in kites, kites in display, aquiloni, beautiful kite, kite designs, cool kites


Laane said...

I saw it with the second image, but nothing with the first.
Tell me, what should I have seen with the first?


Abbie said...

cool kites! so many of them. :D

Jana said...

wowww, amazing...now i discovered whta i have missed....never to late to learn new stuff;)))have a great week...

Poetic Shutterbug said...

These shots are very cool. I love the angle and style.

Electronic Cigar said...

I couldn’t leave your website before saying that I really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors… Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post here!

betchai said...

love the patterns formed by the thousands kite. hmm, in the first picture, when i scroll up and down, it seems the images in the kites become more obvious and enlarged, but i do not notice the same effect in the 2nd picture, but am not sure if that is what i am supposed to see?